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Announcing “The Hero We Need”

The demons are attacking the 5 realms of Elizia, prepare yourself!

After 9 months of development we are happy to announce our upcoming title.

The Hero We Need, a tower defense with real-time strategy elements, with a focus on narrative where players have the power to create their own custom towers with a rune system.

THWN features a survival and campaign mode comprised of 60 levels which ventures through all 5 realms, to push back the demon hordes that are invading your home. The story is filled with comedy, voice acting of characters and custom composed music to give the player an immersive gameplay.

Like many tower defense games in the genre, the player must win by defeating all waves or lose by either getting the hero killed or when too many monsters reach the level end point. There are a number of playable characters that will get unlocked by advancing in the story, each character has special abilities that help the player to become more powerful. Player also controls a number of peasants that he can use to gather resources and build towers.

The rune system is what we think that it makes THWN stand out, a tower can have 1 master rune, that describes the projectile type, and 5 augment runes that enhances the master rune in different ways where no tower will be the same. The crafting system allows you to upgrade runes and create new runes that you have previously discovered using the in-game currency called rune shards.


This is our first ever game, we hope you follow us on our journey to bring THWN to PC/XBox/Playstation/Nintendo Switch.