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Summer bears fruit! THWN 0.5.0 is OUT NOW!

The time comes again for a new release. We didn’t stop working this summer, and now it’s time to release version 0.5.0, just in time for Gamescom, Tacticon, and SteamNextFest! Where we will be part of this coming fall.

This update is not small either, numerous improvements have been made and performance improvements:
– We reworked the particle effects that each tower upgrade brings to the projectile, with less clutter and better visuals.
– AUTO-ATTACKS. Yes, now the heroes don’t just sit and wait for you to trigger an attack. If left alone, they will attack on their own, not with powerful abilities, of course, but they’ll do some damage.
– Decluttered the tower radial menu. We’re now showing only the next available tower upgrade instead of all at once.
– More music added to the levels
– Reworked how mobs die. Physics is involved.
– Bug fixes and UI improvements.
And that’s only what you can see in the demo. For the full game, much more happened as we are getting close to an early-access release in November.