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an indie game studio with a focus on AA strategy games.

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We strive to make the best strategy games for our players.

The Hero We NeedEarly Access

Tower defense/RTS with a unique play style where you can craft each tower using runes that determine the projectile and its effects. Enjoy a huge campaign that unlocks the story of Elizia, with humorous voice acting and intricate levels.

  • 30+ levels campaign
  • 3 playable heroes
  • over 20 runes to modify towers
  • quick battle mode
  • leaderboards
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We are VoDoo Studios

an independent game studio with a focus on strategy games in Malmo, Sweden. We pride ourselves by having a lot of effort put in the quality of our work and making games rich in content and re playability.

  • Georges Chitiga

    Game Designer/Developer

  • Paula Chitiga

    UX/Meta Researcher

  • Cristian Tampa

    Software Engineer

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